Yamaha’s New Rack-Mountable 4 Zone Amplifier with MusicCast

Yamaha has announced a new MusicCast amplifier which can power four separate zones and fit neatly into a 9″ rack.

The XDA-QS5400RK is a very slim and compact unit which provides separate audio streaming for four rooms, with two channels of high quality class D amplification for each room. All from one unit which can be located in your server rack.

Yamaha XDA-QS5400RK front



If you have more than one pair of speakers in the rooms you wish to power with the XDA-QS5400RK, you can double the amount of powered channels by pairing it with a XDA-AMP5400RK. This is an eight-channel amplifier which is built to the same form-factor. In fact, if you have a very large area such as a shop or restaurant you could add several of these additional amplifiers to power many speakers.

Having 4 zones seems like a good choice. In a smaller house for example, this could power pairs of ceiling speakers in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. While integrating fully with another Yamaha  MusicCast product such as a home cinema AV receiver or soundbar in the living room to provide a 5th zone with surround sound in there.  If you require more zones you can either add another XDA-QS5400RK to power another 4 zones, or other MusicCast products.

As previous visitors to Smart Home and AV Guide will know, we are are big fans of the Yamaha MusicCast system. If this product lives up to the usual Yamaha quality, it’ll be hard to find a better way to power an integrated audio system for your home.

We’re keen to see what price these will be released at. More info can be found on the Yamaha website’s product page.

What do you think of this new product? Let us know in the comments!

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