Why We Recommend Yamaha MusicCast and SONOS

The main wireless speaker or multi-room audio brands now are SONOS, Yamaha MusicCast and Denon HEOS. There are also token offerings from the big TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

The trouble with multi-room audio systems, is that they can be prone to glitches and unreliability. We’ve experienced these difficulties with some of the systems; certain speakers don’t show up on the app, music doesn’t play in sync from all speakers and products can randomly disconnect from the WiFi.

We can say with honesty that we have never experienced any of these glitches with either SONOS or Yamaha MusicCast here at Smart Home and AV Guide.

Just for the purposes of clarity, I will stop at this point to say that we do not receive any financial incentive from specific manufacturers. Although we do have advertising on this website, it is mostly  generated at random. My recommendations on this subject are based purely on several years experience within the industry.

Here in the UK, the market leader is SONOS. From our own experience, this is very well deserved. The SONOS system and products are incredibly well designed, reliable and intuitive to use. It is a closed system, the SONOS app and the streaming services which work within the SONOS app are almost the only way to operate the SONOS speakers. However, this is part of the reason SONOS is so reliable and intuitive. It just works.

Yamaha MusicCast is a newer system, which offers a really interesting and broad range of compatible products. So far we have found the system to be equally as reliable as SONOS.

I equally recommend SONOS and Yamaha MusicCast. Specifically which of these I’d choose would be based on if you are wanting your multi-room system to integrate with other products. In this post I will outline the pros & cons of both systems in more detail.

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