What Is A Smart Home?

So What Is A Smart Home?

Computers, the internet, smartphones, tablets, home cinema, HiFi, home automation and security may not, in themselves be very new. What has changed is the way these products are now able to integrate and work together in a way which is simpler, more intuitive and more affordable than ever before.

Smart home products are basically those which connect to your home’s network and may be controlled remotely using another device. The device you use to control that product could be an app on a smartphone or tablet, could be a universal remote or could even be a good old-fashioned computer. It is now possible to even use voice control with the latest smart speakers.

What’s most relevant is that you don’t just need to choose one device to control one product. You can have a home full of networked products and have several ways to control them all!

You want to tune in to your favourite radio station while you’re busy cooking or in the bath? You can use voice control. You’re in bed and want to change the central heating? You can do so from where you are, using your tablet. How about if you’ve sat down to watch a film and you need to do the same thing? You don’t have your phone or tablet on you and the thermostat is in another part of the house. You can use your universal remote, the same one which controls all of your home cinema equipment and your lighting. What about if the doorbell goes and you want to see who’s interrupting your film. You can pause your movie and view who’s at the door on your TV or projector.

The uses of smart home technology are not just limited to providing techie ways to avoid getting off the sofa.

The internet of things provides so much more for the smart home. Many products can also be accessed via the internet, when away from home.

You’re away from home, but would like to keep an eye on your home, your pet, or your collection of phallic cacti? You can view your security cameras on a smartphone app. How about if you’re not going to be home in time to watch your favourite show, and you know it won’t be shown on catchup. Remotely access your PVR from your smartphone and set it to record. It is also possible to centrally store your media and files on a server or networked drive in your home. Not only can you access and share those files from various devices around the house, it is also possible to access your files from elsewhere and back up important files when you’re away from home.

Although we will look at some technology that’d be useful for business, the main focus of this site will be the home. As well as looking at the smart technology, we’re also going to explore ways to get the best audio and visual performance, which will bring your films, TV and music to life.

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