TV or Projector?

I won’t go into too much detail about the technology or types of TV or projector here. For that I recommend a visit to your local home entertainment retailer. As mentioned previously, wether you choose to go for a TV or projector depends greatly on your own circumstances but here’s what to consider:

Smart TV Pros: These are easy to set up and install either on a stand or on the wall. Have video on demand (VOD), TV and catch-up services built in. Will provide a decent picture in almost any ambient light situation. 4K resolution has become standard on all but the smaller sizes. Are available in fairly large sizes, even 65” TV can be relatively affordable these days.
Smart TV Cons: They usually take up lots of wall space and possibly dominate the room when not in use. Getting a good model which has a picture bigger than 55” can be expensive.

Projectors Pros: These are usually the most cost effective way to get a very large picture. When they aren’t in use they don’t have to dominate a wall of the room with a large black rectangle. Mid-range projectors can provide a very good picture.
Projector Cons: You need to be able to fully control the ambient lighting. The lights need to be dimmed when they are in use to get the best picture, otherwise the image will appear washed-out and lacking in contrast. Projectors currently don’t have any built-in way to access content or ‘smart-features’ such as VOD. So you’ll need to use it with a blu-ray player, TV set-top box or streaming device. They require a little more initial setting up to get decent results. Positioning, zoom, focus, keystone adjustment etc, although once they are set up, if left in their position they should be okay. Cheap models don’t cope well with motion and can lack colour and contrast. 4k Projectors are still very expensive.

Now that we now how to get the best sound and picture from your home cinema, it’s time for us to look at how you will acquire the content to watch…