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Who Are We?

The founder and writer of Smart Home and AV Guide has worked for one of the UK’s leading home electronics retailers for several years. He specialises in the sale and advice of Home Audio, TV and Home Cinema products.

As well has providing every day in-store advice and helping customers choose the best TV, amplifier or wireless speaker; he also designs and oversees the installation of advanced and extensive multi-room home entertainment systems. He chose to make this guide in response to the many questions he gets asked by customers every day. He is currently on his own journey, building a smart home of his own.

Our aim is to provide a series of easy to follow ‘DIY Guides’ and ‘Buyers Guides’ for anyone who is looking to integrate home entertainment and smart technology into their home.

All opinions and views expressed by Smart Home and AV Guide, either through this website or our social media channels, are those of the writer. Smart Home and AV Guide is not endorsed by the writer’s employer. Our recommendations and advice come both from our own experience in the industry and from our own research.

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