The Complete Smart Home and AV Guide

Welcome to Smart Home and AV Guide – Updated For 2019!

This is the place to find out everything you need to know about both the latest smart home and home entertainment technology.

It has Never Been Easier (or Cheaper) to Build a smart home, or to experience the best from your Films, TV or Music in Your Home.

Our series of complete ‘How To’ guides will help you to create a wonderful smart home where you get the very best enjoyment out of your favorite movies, music and TV. If you are unsure of what a smart home is or would like to learn more about what’s possible, click here.

Assuming you have a smartphone and WiFi in your home, you can begin making your home smart straight away. For example, if you replace your light bulbs with smart bulbs or add a smart plug to a standing lamp. This will immediately give you basic remote control and automation of your lighting.

If all your looking to do is add this kind of control and automation to your existing home; Our basic Guide to Making Your Home Smart can be found here.

Alternatively, if you are also looking to create a home which will provide you with the best reliability and enjoyment of home entertainment; Keep reading…

If you are in the process of building, renovating or improving a home. You want to ensure it will be equipped with the latest technology and future-proofed to be be compatible with the modern lifestyle. This is the perfect guide for you…

Step One: Get a Very Basic Idea of What You Are Hoping to Achieve

You don’t need to have specific details of every single component of your smart home figured out before you start. Adding and changing components later on is usually easy. We can never know what new products and technology will be available in the future anyway!

Nevertheless, as with all home design, it is a good idea to get a basic vision of how you want to use each room. As well as a general idea of what technology and products you will use around your home.

Here are a few worthwhile considerations:

  • Where will you have your main screen for enjoying TV and movies? A living room or home cinema?
  • Where else will you want to place devices which stream video?
  • In what areas of the home would you like to play music and how important is the quality of the sound?
  • Are you going to have a office/work/study space?
  • Is there anywhere in the home where the WiFi connection is weak or unreliable?
  • Are you going to want security cameras around the house?
  • Lighting.

Step Two: Make sure that your Home Network is going to do the job.

In order for any smart home products to work you have to have a home network. This really is the back-bone of a good smart home. How To: Build a Network For Your Home

That WiFi router which your internet service provider has given you is only a starting point. Sure, most devices you have may connect to it OK with WiFi, but the more things you connect to it, the slower everything will be. It also might not give you full WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Some applications, such as streaming video or music require a lot of bandwidth, meaning it’s best not to use WiFi for things like smart TVs and media streamers at all. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to know about how to get everything connected in our guide on how to build the best network for your home.

Step Three: The Home Entertainment Products

How To: Build a home cinemaHow To: Build the Best Home Audio System for YouSo you have a decent home network which will allow everything to work. Now it’s time to add the products which will give you the best comfort, security and enjoyment in your home. We have a complete introductory guide to Home Cinema and another about HiFi and Home Audio. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the latest technology in home entertainment, so you can choose the right products and build the best system for you.

Step Four: Make Your Home Even Smarter!

Most home entertainment and smart home products easily connect to your home network and control through an app. The app is usually free to download onto your Android or iOS phone or tablet. It is often possible to control your devices by other means too, such as through voice control using the latest Smart Speakers or a universal remote.

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